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Tapps Owl Wines Inspiration

Pictured is our namesake inspiration for Tapps Owl Wines. On a late night in the summer of 2017, our family friend Joe was driving down a dark road in Enumclaw when he almost ran over a hurt Barred Owl laying injured in the middle of the road. Joe gently picked the owl up and placed him in the back of his pickup truck and drove the bird back to our farm for safe keeping. After waiting 24 hours to see if the owl would get better and fly away on his own, it was clear to us that he had a serious eye injury and would need medical help. We gently wrapped our one-eyed friend in a towel and drove him to the Puget Sound Wildcare Center in Covington, WA. After several weeks he was successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild and in honor of this wise fellow we decided to decide to name our new brand Tapps Owl Wines. Our labels are a watercolor portrait of him with one bright, shining gold eye, designed by the incredibly talented Jordan Kay. Cheers to you, Mr. Owl. Thanks for swooping into our lives and changing us forever.

About Us Tapps Owl Wines

It seems crazy to wake up one day and want to make wine – and it sort of is – but after purchasing our farm in 2017, we saw the potential for something big. We enlisted the help of our invaluable winemaker, Josh Neely, who brought our vision to life with his expert vintner skills, knowledge of the Washington State wine industry and years of winemaking to the Tapps Owl brand. We source our grapes from the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer and honor our region by creating insanely delicious wine.

We find that the devil is in the details (and can be the most fascinating part) and knowing exactly what goes in to producing and bottling wine is not only educational but allows you to feel good about what you’re drinking. Our aim is to show you each and every step of the winemaking process so you can learn along with us and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Tapps Owl is owned and operated by Douglas & Shanon Kirby and is managed by Secelia Bennett. If you need to contact us, please email us at hello@tappsowlwines.com


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